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We’re the world’s leading developers for creating and publishing mobile Apps. Users around the world use our applications to power their creativity.

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It’s no secret our Apps are loved and used by millions of people. We’re creating meaningful experiences among people all over the world. As you are reading this, more than 1 million people are getting ready to use our Apps.

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We are experts in every step of developing apps. We strive to design, develop and publish apps that boost users creativity, productivity and makes lives easier.

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In-house technologies

The mobile apps landscape is extremely competitive. To tackle hardships, we’re a step ahead of the app. We’ve built state of the art technologies so your Apps can live up to their full potential.

TheByte Lab
Our technology is built to 10x the efficiency of the phases between ideation to publishing.
TheByte Data​
User Acquisition and Monetization on steroids. We have built extensive ad-technologies to distribute and monetize Apps in the best possible way.
TheByte Belly
One devkit to run them all. SDKs can be a pain to integrate. Not TheByte Belly. 1 SDK contains it all (Analytics, A/B Testing, Monetization, etc)

Think Big.

At TheByte each individual embraces these values no matter where they come from. To win, we work hard, care for each other, and have fun.


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We work with the most iconic brands to create long-lasting memories in our Apps that people love at first sight.

Idle Landmark Tycoon

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